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No matter what lure you’re using, if the fish follow but don’t bite, something’s wrong. You can speed it up, slow it down, twitch it, figure it, or do whatever you can think of, but often they still fade away and disappear.

In my experience the reason for this is usually because the lure’s action is too mechanical; its movements are too straight and predictable, or in some cases, it doesn’t look believable enough when it’s sitting still.

Mr. Whiggley is the opposite of mechanical. He doesn’t do the kinds of things that fish see other lures doing because he doesn’t have a bill to dictate rhythm or restrict glidePlus, just laying in your hand, without even moving, most folks would agree he looks more like a real fish than any lure they’ve ever seen.

Mr. Whiggley works in both fresh and salt water and will catch any fish that eats other fish of that size!

It’s devastating on Muskie, Pike, Peacock Bass, and plus-sized large and smallmouth bass as well. In the salt use it for Tarpon, Snook, Stripers, Monster Reds or anything else eating large baitfish.



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Model Mr. Whiggley 265:
3.25 oz.
10.5 in.
River2Sea (SW) 3X Strong Treble #4/0 1pc
Action: Slow sinking
Pcs/Pk: 2