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2014 Hunt for Big Fish on Outdoor Channel

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Show Descriptions

1. Detroit Lakes Muskies- Larry and Jerry Sondag use outriggers and helium balloons, plus larry’s magic hook for giant muskies.

2. Trinidad Tarpon 1-Larry returns to Trinidad for giant tarpon. During the last visit, Captain Jonathan mentioned although he’d tried every lure imaginable, but had zero success with artificials on the larger specimens, and challenged Larry to create a lure that these fish would respond to. Larry’s workshop segment involves the evolution of FrankenWhiggley, Larry’s rendition of a ribbonfish made from Alumisol .

3. Trinidad Tarpon 2- Larry and friends continue to chase giant tarpon, and try a few more tricks that haven’t been tried on these fish.

4. Columbia 1- Larry and friends pop for giant Cubera Snappers in Colombia.

5. Columbia 2- While popping for Cuberas Larry and friends are distracted by numerous, large, leaping sailfish

6. PEI 1- Larry travels to Prince Edward Island and joins the BD Outdoors Crew for Giant Bluefin Tuna.

7. PEI 2- Bluefin Tuna continue to brutalize Larry, the BD crew, the Tuna Jihad winner Gilbert, and anyone else who cares to tangle with them!

8. The Bimini Twist-Larry accepts an invite a wahoo event in Bimini, checks out the bonefish grounds, and searches for the man who invented the world famous Bimini Twist Knot.

9. The Big Cats of South America- A tour of the various species of giant catfish found in South America, Surubi, Jau, Redtails,and the monstrous Lau Lau.

Costa Del Mar

Tutorial Video Clips Larry poses in South America.