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Product Description
clackin' crayfish

3/4 oz.
2-3/4 in.
River2sea (BN) 2X Strong #3 ⁄ 0
Action: Sinking

15/16 oz.
3-3/4 in.
River2sea (BN) 2X Strong #5 ⁄ 0
Action: Sinking

Clackin' Crayfish

There are lots of lures that look like a crayfish when they’re sitting still, but they don't "do crayfish" when you move them. Until now, that is! In addition to looking exactly like a real crayfish in every detail, the Clackinr’ Crayfish’s amazing hinged lip appears to actually grab water and pull the critter forward, exactly like a real crayfish! On free fall it even sinks like a real crayfish!

You have to see it to believe it!

And believe me, when a bass sees this, whether on the fall, the swim, crawl or just sitting still, THEY BELIEVE IT!

You can fish it like a jig, or swim it along the bottom. Fish it on drops, flats or weedlines. I suggest you fish it like it was a real crayfish and make it seem during the retrieve that it’s alternately scurrying to escape and stopping to hide on the bottom. You know just what it’s doing ’cause you can feel the tail kick with your rod tip when you accelerate the lure.

Crawl it, stroke it, swim it, rip it, let it fall, hang on.

01 02 03 04 05 06
01 Red 02 Olive 03 Brown-Orange 04 Brown-Olive 05 Dark Brown 06 Blue Olive

$9.99 Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish 90 -- Color: Quantity: Colors 02 and 05 are currently out of stock.

$5.99 Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish 90 Trailer Pack -- Color: Quantity:

$12.99 Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish 130 -- Color: Quantity: Colors 02, 04 and 05 are currently out of stock.

$5.99 Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish 130 Trailer Pack -- Color: Quantity:

Product Description

diver frog

5/8 oz.
2 in.
River2sea (BN) Wide Gap Hook # 4 ⁄ 0
Action: Floating, 0-2 feet

1 oz.
2.5 in.
River2sea (BN) Wide Gap Hook # 6 ⁄ 0
Action: Floating, 0-2.5 feet

Diver Frog

For over 100 years anglers have been making lures they hoped would imitate frogs. Many look just like a frog. When they’re sitting still that is.

But when put into motion in a dynamic state, most do nothing but skim over the surface like a water ski. Others plow clumsily through the water and attempt to appear alive. They might kind of "look" frog, but they don’t DO frog!

Until now that is. The Dahlberg Diver Frog does frog. In spades.

Give it a pull and it dives, creating a soft bubble chain with its legs kicking behind it just like a real frog. Stop, its legs retract, and it rises slowly until its eyes poke out above the surface. You’ll swear it&rsuo;s real.

Repeat, but instead of letting it return to the surface, continue to stroke and stop. The legs will kick and retract, kick and retract, swimming exactly like a real frog. The lure will continue to gain a couple inches of depth with each stroke until it reaches a depth of 24–30"!

In the shallows, you can swim it down into the bottom, shake it a little, let it rise an inch, nose it back, kick up some dust to get their attention, then let it slow rise all the way back to the surface. I will amaze when you see it in action.

Oh yes, its unique "overhead" diving collar with built in weedguard and "hook up" design allows it to skip over vegetation with the best of ’em.

The Dahlberg Diver Frog can slide over junk, pop and rest in a hole, do any combination of popping and swimming along edges or nose in to the bottom like a frog trying to hide in the mud.

It’s irresistible.

01 Leopard 02 Brown 03 Lime 04 Yellow Head 05 White

$10.99 Dahlberg Diver Frog 50 -- Color: Quantity: Colors 01, 02, 03 and 05 are currently out of stock.

$4.99 Dahlberg Diver Frog 50 Legs Replacement Pack -- Color: Quantity: Color 01 is out of stock.

$11.99 Dahlberg Diver Frog 60 -- Color: Quantity: Color 02 Brown is currently out of stock.

$4.99 Dahlberg Diver Frog 60 Legs Replacement Pack -- Color: Quantity:

Product Description

whopper plopper

1 3/8 oz.
5 in.
River2sea (BN) Long Shank 4X Strong #3 ⁄ 0
Action: Top Water

Whopper Plopper 130

We were catching so many big bass, both largemouth and smallmouth on the musky sized whopper plopper we just had to make one the right size for bass! It operates at speeds from crawl so super slow you can’t hear the tail, only the tiny glass beads that sizzle inside as the head shakes back and forth with each rotation of the tail. Speed it up and it throws water like a swamp buggy and has the same deep, hollow, whopper–plopping–fish–catching sound of the original!

Like the original, it casts a mile so it’s great for combing large flats or expanses and obviously its ability to work at the widest possible range of speeds makes it a great tool for tuning in the most productive speeds and rhythm of the particular day, a particular fish that might be following or one that’s just watching other top water lures go by.

Also, like the original the tail is perfectly tuned out of the box, is flexible and stays perfectly tuned forever.

Measuring 5 inches, and weighing in at 1 3 ⁄ 8 ounces, The Whopper Plopper 130 is a bass–sized tool that provides long accurate casts, a wider possible range of speeds, and wider range of commotion and sound than anything even close to it's size you have ever tied on your line. Learn how to use it and I guarantee it will put extra fish in the boat.

p.s. Please, if using it for larger species, remove rear hook and put on one front hook two sizes larger. They tend to eat it and it’s difficult to avoid gill injury.

01 03 04 04 07
01 Fire Tiger 03 Bo 04 Red Horse 08 Blue Blood 09 Perch
06 07 07 07 07
10 Rainbow Trout 11 Chubby 12 Loon 13 Monkey Butt 14 Bone

$14.99 Whopper Plopper 130 -- Color: Quantity: *Colors 09 is currently out of stock.

Product Description

whopper plopper

2.75 oz.
7 in.
River2sea (BN) Long Shank 4X Strong #5 ⁄ 0
Action: Top Water

Whopper Plopper 190

For decades savvy musky men have known that surface lures that made a certain deep throated hollow popping–plopping sound drove muskies crazy.

The problem was if you found one with a "good" tail it would bend and get out of tune when it got bit by a fish, hit a rock or even just from repeat casting.

Weighing in at over 2 oz you can cast it a mile and it’s got top quality River2sea 5 ⁄ 0 hooks that will stick from long distance.

The Whopper Plopper is "roll resistant" and works well at a variety of speeds. Interestingly, sound experiments have suggested that even at constant speeds the tail kicks out sounds that vary as much as an octave in pitch as opposed to the more monotone metal tails.

01 02 03 04
01 Fire Tiger 02 BeeGee 03 Bo 04 Red Horse
06 07 07 07
06 Lucy 07 Rock Star 09 Perch *NEW COLOR* 12 Loon *NEW COLOR*

$19.99 Whopper Plopper 190 -- Color: Quantity: Colors 04 and 06 are currently out of stock.

Product Description
wide glide

Wide Glide

WideGlide is a high performance walking bait that zigs and zags side to side with a wide gliding action rather than slapping back and forth. The 8"sub–surface version can be made to zip back and forth a few feet under the surface, traveling as much as eight feet side to side, while moving forward only a couple of feet before coming to a near neutrally buoyant, quivering stop. It’s a deadly action that both attracts and triggers large predators that ignore more standard presentations.

Casts like a bullet.

The size 200 is large enough to get the interest predators and realistic enough to fool them into eating it. It is deadly on muskies, peacock bass, trophy pike, largemouth, tarpon, snook, readfish, striper, tuna, dorado and more.

The size 120 is good for large and small mouth bass, pike, tarpon, snook, readfish, peacock bass and more.

Larry Suggests: For widest glide and best performance...cut off the feathers!!

0.875 oz.
4.5 in.
River2sea (BN) 3X Strong Feather #2
Action: Top Water

1.125 oz.
4.5 in.
River2sea (BN) 3X Strong Feather #2
Action: Slow sinking 0-8 ft

4 oz.
7.875 in.
River2sea (BN) 34 Strong Feather #3 ⁄ 0
Action: Top Water

5 oz.
7.875 in.
River2sea (BN) 34 Strong Feather #3 ⁄ 0
Action: Slow sinking 0-8 ft

01 02 03 04 05 05
01 Shadow 02 Cisco 03 Silver Sucker 04 Red Horse 05 Fire Tiger 06 Perch *NEW COLOR*

$11.99 WideGlide 120 Surface -- Color: Quantity:

$11.99 WideGlide 120 Sub-Surface -- Color: Quantity: Color 06 is currently out of stock.

$21.99 WideGlide 200 Surface -- Color: Quantity:

$21.99 WideGlide 200 Sub-Surface -- Color: Quantity: Color 05 is currently out of stock.

Product Description
Mr. Whiggley

Model Mr. Whiggley 265:
3.25 oz.
10.5 in.
River2Sea (SW) 3X Strong Treble #4/0 1pc
Action: Slow sinking
Pcs/Pk: 2

Mr. Whiggley

No matter what lure you’re using, if the fish follow but don’t bite, something’s wrong. You can speed it up, slow it down, twitch it, figure it, or do whatever you can think of, but often they still fade away and disappear.

In my experience the reason for this is usually because the lure’s action is too mechanical; its movements are too straight and predictable, or in some cases, it doesn’t look believable enough when it’s sitting still.

Mr. Whiggley is the opposite of mechanical. He doesn’t do the kinds of things that fish see other lures doing because he doesn’t have a bill to dictate rhythm or restrict glidePlus, just laying in your hand, without even moving, most folks would agree he looks more like a real fish than any lure they’ve ever seen.

Mr. Whiggley works in both fresh and salt water and will catch any fish that eats other fish of that size!

It’s devastating on Muskie, Pike, Peacock Bass, and plus-sized large and smallmouth bass as well. In the salt use it for Tarpon, Snook, Stripers, Monster Reds or anything else eating large baitfish.

01  - Herring 02 - Rainbow Trout 03  - Bandit 04  - Fire Tiger 05  - Red Horse 06 - White
01 Herring 02 Rainbow Trout 03 Bandit 04 Fire Tiger 05 Red Horse 06 White

$19.94 Mr. Whiggley -- Color: Quantity: Mr. Whiggley is currently out of stock - check back soon!

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